Recital Info


Saturday, May 4, 2024

(Tentative Date/Subject to Venue Availability)

Time TBA

The Morgan School, 71 Killingworth Turnpike, Clinton, CT (Auditorium)

Dress Rehearsal

Friday, May 3, 2024

(Tentative Date/Subject to Venue Availability)

Time TBA

The Morgan School, 71 Killingworth Turnpike, Clinton, CT (Auditorium)

This rehearsal gives our dancers the opportunity to practice dances on stage in costume. Dancers should plan to attend in “Full Dress” (make-up, hair styled, costumes/tights, dance footwear). Class photos will also be taken at Dress Rehearsal.

Backstage & Volunteer Info Costume, Shoes, Makeup

Backstage Info and Volunteers

During Dress Rehearsal and the Recital performance, dancers will remain backstage in their assigned dressing rooms until they are called to the stage. 

A parent/guardian/caregiver/sibling may accompany dancers in the dressing rooms, but for the privacy and safety of our dancers, we ask that friends and other guests please stay out of the dressing rooms. 

Please note that young dancers may require a parent/relative to visit backstage during the performance to assist with costume changes.

Our staff will be working diligently backstage to ensure that the performances run smoothly. We may also need Backstage Volunteers to help supervise dancers. Backstage Volunteers will receive a complimentary (free) recital ticket to watch their child/children dance, and then return to assist backstage.

Recital Costumes, Dance Shoes, Make-up, Etc.

Recital costumes & tights will be sent home with your dancers from class in April, on hangers in labeled garment bags. 

Dancers are responsible for bringing their costumes, accessories, tights, dance shoes and supplies to the venue for the Dress Rehearsal and Recital performances.

Please be sure your dancer hasn’t outgrown their dance shoes at recital time! Extra dance shoes will not be available for borrowing at the recital venue. Dancers must bring their own! (Any questions or concerns about dance shoes, or if you need to borrow a pair, please contact Bethany prior to dress rehearsal!)

Any “supplies” your dancer brings to the dress rehearsal and recital (such as make-up, undergarments, bras, flesh-colored camisoles/leotards, hairnets, bobby pins, hair elastics, combs/hairbrushes, compact mirrors, hair spray, safety pins, clear nail polish – for runs in tights, wet wipes, tissues, deodorant, etc.), should be contained in a dance bag and/or cosmetic bag, labeled clearly with your dancer’s name.

Make-up is not required for recital, and there are no specific hairstyle requirements for dress rehearsal or recital. While not required, we do recommend dancers wear make-up because the bright stage lights can wash out their beautiful faces. Basic blush, eye shadow and lipstick – and perhaps mascara and/or eye liner – will help your dancer shine on stage! Parents, please use your discretion; whatever makes you and your dancer most comfortable will be perfect!

Dancers may bring water and dry snacks (such as pretzels or crackers) into the backstage dressing rooms. Please do not bring juice, soda or messy snacks that can damage and stain recital costumes, and please do not bring peanut products or glass bottles/containers backstage, into the dressing rooms or auditorium.